Cute Paper Plate Giraffe Craft for Kids


Paper plate crafts are simple and enjoyable for teenagers of all ages. This Straightforward Paper Plate Giraffe Craft is ideal for teenagers who’re studying about African animals or have simply loved a discipline journey to the zoo. This works nice for teenagers as younger as preschool at residence or within the classroom.

Paper Plate Giraffe craft for kids - finished craft shown on a table background  Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make a giraffe craft out of a paper plate!

Paper Plate Giraffe Craft

Searching for a straightforward giraffe craft? Or extra zoo animal crafts to complement your preschoolers schooling or elementary youngsters themed lesson plan? Look no additional! We’ve got essentially the most lovely giraffe craft.

Children love paper plate crafts and this paper craft is much more enjoyable as a result of it’s additional enjoyable to color paper plates. What a enjoyable thought! Make a straightforward paper giraffe!

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You actually solely want fundamental provides for this baby’s craft. This simple craft solely requires 3 paint colours. We used a sponge brush to make our circles, however for a enjoyable sensory expertise, invite youngsters to make use of their fingertips.

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Paper Plate Giraffe Supplies - on wooden background are the supplies needed to make a giraffe craft including paper plates, glue, paint brushes, googly eyes, paint and scissors - Kids Activities Blog
That is what you will want to make a giraffe from a paper plate!

Easy Craft Provides Wanted for Paper Plate Giraffe Craft

Instructions for Making a Giraffe from a Paper Plate

Step 1 Paper Plate Giraffe - painting paper plates yellow
Let’s paint the paper plates yellow.

Step 1

After gathering provides, paint 3 paper plates yellow, and a couple of paper plates pink.

Step 2

Enable the paint to dry utterly.

Step 3

When the yellow paint is dry, dab brown circles across the plate. We different the sizes, as my son jogged my memory that each giraffe’s spots are distinctive.

Step 3 Paper Plate Giraffe - adding googly eyes to the giraffe craft
Subsequent, let’s add the giraffe’s eyes!

Step 4

Glue 2 giant wiggly eyes to the center of the yellow plate. Set the giraffe’s head apart.

Step 4 Paper Plate Giraffe - cutting and pasting the giraffe ears
Now it’s time to make the giraffe’s ears.

Step 5

Minimize ears for the giraffe with the remaining paper plates. Glue the pink paper plate on high of the yellow plates.

Enable the glue to dry utterly.

Tip: You possibly can give youngsters a sample to hint for the horns and ears, however the giraffes look tremendous cute when youngsters make their ears and horns all completely different.

Step 6

Minimize horns and a snout for the giraffe from the scraps of the yellow paper plate.

Step 6 Paper Plate Giraffe - add the horns to the paper plate giraffe craft
What cute horns you’ve got!

Step 7

Glue the horns and snout to the giraffe, then use the marker to attract a nostril and mouth on the giraffe.

Finished Paper Plate Giraffe craft shown on wood background
Isn’t our giraffe craft lovely?

Completed Paper Plate Giraffe Craft

When all of the glue is dry, your giraffe is completed! Isn’t it cute? The proper craft for animal lovers.

For added enjoyable, glue the paper plate giraffe to a wood paint stirrer to make a puppet!

Why We Love Giraffe Crafts

Giraffes are an attention-grabbing animal, primarily for his or her top, and their lengthy neck. As a result of let’s be sincere, they’ve an extremely lengthy neck. Their uniqueness makes them one of many extra iconic zoo animals.

And whereas this cute giraffe paper craft could not have an extended neck or the lengthy legs of the giraffe, it nonetheless exhibits the highest of the top.

Brown paint small circles (which can also be superb motor abilities follow) , smiley face made with a black marker, and the chopping and glue…it’s actually only a enjoyable paper giraffe craft that you should use at residence or within the classroom.

Need to make this giraffe craft instructional? Add some enjoyable information or go to the native zoo!


  • white paper plate (6)
  • yellow, brown, and pink paint
  • paint brush
  • giant wiggly eyes
  • scissors
  • glue
  • white everlasting marker


  1. Paint 3 paper plates yellow, and a couple of paper plates pink.
  2. Enable the paper plates to dry.
  3. When the yellow and pink paint have dried, add brown circles to the yellow painted plates.
  4. Glue 2 massive wiggly eyes to the center of the yellow plate, and set that plate, the giraffe’s head, apart.
  5. Minimize the ears for giraffe utilizing the opposite pink and yellow painted paper plates.
  6. Glue the pink paper onto the yellow plates.
  7. Let the glue dry on the ears.
  8. Minimize the horns and snout for the giraffe utilizing the leftover yellow painted paper plate.
  9. Glue the horns and snout to the giraffe’s head.
  10. Then use a marker to attract the nostril and mouth on the giraffe’s snout.

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Did your youngsters take pleasure in this paper plate giraffe craft?

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