This Interactive Map Shows If Dinosaurs Lived in Your Town Millions of Years Ago And It Is So Cool


This dinosaur map exhibits the place dinosaurs lived. For youths and adults alike, it may be exhausting to understand simply how outdated the earth is and the way it’s modified over thousands and thousands upon thousands and thousands of years. This dinosaur world map is an interactive 3D map, known as Historical Earth Globe, is giving individuals a free glimpse into the previous.

Let’s discover this cool dinosaur map!

?The place Dinosaurs Lived Map

Not solely does the dinosaur map present how land lots have modified over time, however you may actually search to see what dinosaurs used to stay in your a part of the world!

Historical Earth Globe permits customers to see into the previous by utilizing the completely different options on the interactive map. Supply:

?Historical Earth Globe

Historical Earth Globe — created by Ian Webster, a paleontologist, utilizing Experiments with Google — is a brilliant cool and straightforward to make use of on-line software.

?The best way to Discover the Historical Earth Globe Device On-line

  1. Begin by looking for your location utilizing the “Metropolis Title” field. After you choose your metropolis, the software will drop a crimson pin onto the map.
  2. Then change what “time” it’s by choosing from the drop-down menu.

?Look Again Thousands and thousands of Years on the Dinosaur Map

You may view what the earth seemed like anyplace from 750 million years in the past to twenty million years in the past.

Watch as plate tectonics transfer your “city” over thousands and thousands of years (so long as its not below water).

It’s an effective way of utilizing visuals to show your children about plate tectonics — which is what our homeschool curriculum schedule contains within the subsequent couple weeks.

?Discover If Dinosaurs Lived Close to You on a Map

However what I do know you actually wish to know: did dinosaurs roam the place I stay now?

Whenever you search your metropolis, if fossils had been ever present in your space, they’ll present up below your metropolis title.

Click on the title of the dino fossils, and also you’ll be taken to a brand new web page jam full of all kinds of enjoyable information concerning the dino, together with the place else the fossils had been discovered, what the dino ate, when it lived, and oh a lot extra.


?Discover Dinosaur Studying Deeper with Historical World Map

Whether or not your children wish to be taught extra about earth and the way it’s modified over time, or they’re tremendous into dinosaurs like my children are, Historical Earth Globe is such an superior instructional software.



Do you know concerning the dinosaur map? Did you look as much as see if dinosaurs lived close to you?

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