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Our fuzzy pom pom caterpillar craft is simple to make and children love ’em! This caterpillar craft is ideal for youths of all ages and doubles as a effective motor ability, and an excellent craft to show life abilities!

How cute and colourful is that this caterpillar craft?

Learn how to This Make Pom Pom Caterpillar Craft

Good for imaginary and sensory play, these delicate, vivid caterpillars will delight youngsters of all ages!

Love the Very Hungry Caterpillar? This caterpillar craft could be an ideal craft to do with it. It will additionally work nice as a sensory craft, bug science craft, or perhaps a spring craft. But it surely additionally doubles as effective motor ability apply and teaches an vital life ability, stitching!

The very best half is, this pom pom caterpillar craft is budget-friendly. Nevertheless, as a result of needle, there both must be an grownup serving to or an grownup closely supervising.

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Provides Wanted To Make This Colourful Pom Pom Caterpillar Craft

How To Make This Cute and Fuzzy Pom Pom Caterpillar Craft

How to Make Pom Pom Caterpillars- kids activities blog- step 1- thread your needles and have your green, purple, orange, dark blue, baby blue, and yellow pom poms ready along with your googly eyes.
Take your embroidery thread and thread it via the needle.

Step 1

Start by threading your needle.

Tip: It generally assist in the event you moist the tip of the thread earlier than making an attempt to string it.

How to make colorful pom pom caterpillars- kids activities blog- step 2- take the needle and pull it through the pom pom- thread each pom pom the same way- through the middle.
Take the needle and pull it via a pom pom. Pull the thread via every pom pom.

Step 2

Pull the thread immediately via the center of the pom poms. You should definitely tie the tip off!

Make pom pom caterpillars- kids activities blog- step 3- repeat the threading of the pom poms until all your pom poms are strung. Then tie off the string and cut off the excess.
Hold threading every pom pom till you could have as large of a caterpillar as you need, then tie of the string and trim the surplus string.

Step 3

Repeat till the entire pom poms are strung. Tie off the string and trim the surplus.

Step 4

Resolve which finish of the caterpillar is the top, then rethread your needle. Beginning on the backside of the pom pom, pull the thread up via the center and out in the direction of both the suitable or left.

Pom Pom Caterpillars - Kids Activities Blog- Step 4 and Step 5- Rethread your needle and stick it through the pom pom that will be the caterpillar head to make the caterpillar antennas.
When you determined which finish is the top, you’ll rethread your needle and stick it via the pom pom, pulling it via after which snipping it to make antennas!

Step 5

Repeat, pulling the thread in the direction of the other facet. Now the caterpillar has antennae!

Pom Pom Caterpillar Craft- Kids Activities Blog- Step 6- Add googly eyes to your caterpillar head with antennas.
Don’t neglect to googly eyes to your pom pom caterpillar craft!

Step 6

Safe the wiggly eyes to the pom pom with sizzling glue. If desired, sew a small smile onto the face of the caterpillar.

Make Pom Pom Caterpillars- steps 1- steps 2- steps 3- and finished product. Thread the needle, thread the pom poms, make antannas, add googly eyes. Kids Activites Blog
Steps to make this tremendous cute colourful and fuzzy caterpillar craft fabricated from pom poms.


  • pom poms
  • wiggly eyes
  • embroidery floss
  • stitching needle
  • sizzling glue
  • scissors


  1. Thread your needle with the embroidery floss! You should utilize any coloration thread you need.
  2. Stick every pom pom via the center and pull the thread via. Do that to all of your pom poms.
  3. Do that till you could have your caterpillar the specified size and tie off the string on the finish. Trim off the surplus string.
  4. Rethread your needle.
  5. Resolve which finish you need the top of the caterpillar and the stick the needle via the highest from left to proper or proper to left, it would not matter.
  6. Upon getting the specified size trim off the string to make antennas in your caterpillar.
  7. Take your sizzling glue gun and stick the wiggly eyes in your pom pom caterpillar.


Youthful children and children not aware of stitching will want heavy grownup supervision and/or grownup assist to do that craft.

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How did your colourful pom pom caterpillar craft end up? Remark beneath, we’d love to listen to from you!

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