Analysis highlights substantial cost savings by reducing sedation for pediatric brain MRI examinations


Findings from an accepted manuscript revealed in ARRS’ American Journal of Roentgenology (AJR) have highlighted probably substantial price financial savings by lowering the usage of sedation for pediatric mind MRI examinations.

The well being system price of performing a sedated MRI was considerably better than that of performing a nonsedated MRI. Nonetheless, the price of every particular person examination sort didn’t range considerably amongst hospitals.”

Shireen E. Hayatghaibi, PhD, First Creator, Division of Radiology, Cincinnati Youngsters’s Hospital Medical Heart in Ohio

On this AJR accepted manuscript, Hayatghaibi et al. calculated direct pricing for outpatient noncontrast mind MRI examinations at three tutorial pediatric hospitals. Labeling MRI examinations as sedated, nonsedated, or restricted, course of maps had been then drawn to explain affected person workflows, based mostly on enter from key personnel and direct remark. Capability price charges had been calculated for useful resource sorts inside three classes: labor, gear, and house (provide price was calculated individually). The price of every course of step was decided by multiplying step-specific capability prices by the point required for every step. Prices of all steps had been summed to yield a base case complete examination price.

In the end, throughout three free-standing pediatric establishments, the bottom case price for a sedated noncontrast outpatient mind MRI was $842 ($775–924 throughout hospitals), for a nonsedated MRI was $262 ($240–285), and for restricted MRI was $135 ($127–141). For all examination sorts, the most important price class, in addition to the most important supply of distinction in price between hospitals, was labor. Further sensitivity evaluation discovered that the best affect on general price at every hospital was the period of the MRI acquisition.

“Well being techniques working inside different fee fashions can use this comparative price data for functions of price discount efforts and institution of bundled costs,” the authors of this AJR accepted manuscript added.


Journal reference:

Hayatghaibi, S.E., et al. (2022) Pediatric outpatient noncontrast mind MRI: A time-driven activity-based costing evaluation at three U.S. hospitals. American Journal of Roentgenology.

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