How to Dye Easter Eggs with Kids the Safe & Easy Way


Allow us to present you The best way to Dye Easter Eggs the simple method! Coloring Easter eggs has all the time been a favourite exercise at my home and this Easter egg dye recipe is tremendous easy and doesn’t use boiling water so it’s secure round younger children. This Easter egg coloring methodology is really easy, but it’s a brilliant efficient technique to dye or embellish Easter eggs on your Easter egg hunt.

How to dye Easter Eggs - coloring eggs - Kids Activities Blog - text: let's color eggs - 2 images, one is the before with white eggs and bowls of color and the other is the after image with colored Easter eggs
Let’s colour Easter eggs!

Best Strategy to Safely Dye Easter Eggs 

There are such a lot of completely different Easter egg dying strategies you will discover on-line, however this one is tremendous straightforward and secure particularly if you’re coloring Easter eggs with children.

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Step one in any Easter egg dying methodology is all the time to boil your eggs.  This may be accomplished prematurely and can make your Easter egg dying time much less aggravating if you’re beginning with room temperature boiled eggs.

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Making ready Boiled Eggs for Dyeing

Boiling eggs in preparation for Easter egg dyeing - Kids Activities Blog - eggs shown in pan with slotted spoon to get egg out
Prepping eggs the day forward could make the whole lot go faster on egg dyeing day!

The best way to Select the Greatest Eggs for Dyeing when Coloring Eggs

White eggs will present essentially the most sensible colours so if you’re planning on utilizing major colours to dye eggs, then beginning out with white eggs will provide you with the brightest colour potential.  In case you are searching for a extra mushy and pure egg coloring, then utilizing different colour eggs could make that occur in a wonderful and generally unpredictable method.

Provides Wanted to Boil Eggs for Dyeing

  • Eggs
  • Water
  • Range high pan giant sufficient to accommodate the variety of eggs you might be boiling

The best way to Boil Eggs for Dyeing

Step 1

Boiling eggs is very easy: simply add eggs to a pot and fill with water till water reaches some extent about two inches above the highest of the eggs.

Step 2

As soon as the water begins to type bubbles on the backside of the pan, set the timer for 10 minutes.  The aim is to maintain the water boiling throughout that 10 minute interval, however it doesn’t must be a violent boil!  The truth is, if it’s a actually rolling boil, it could possibly push the eggs into one another inflicting cracking.  

Step 3

Watch the boiling and switch it to medium or medium excessive to maintain the boiling mild to average.

Step 4

Flip off warmth and switch to chilly water. Set on a towel to dry and funky – I like to make use of a slotted spoon to take away eggs from the water as a result of though the water is cool, the eggs nonetheless could also be heat.

Be aware: Older eggs are likely to peel higher than tremendous recent eggs, so hold that in thoughts for after your Easter egg hunt.

Step 5

As soon as the eggs are cool sufficient to deal with, you can begin dyeing the eggs.  For those who put together the eggs forward of time, retailer in a single day within the fridge after which pull them out of the fridge half-hour to forward of time to allow them to be much less chilly and extra room temperature.

how to dye easter eggs set up - shown are three bowls of Easter egg dye in yellow red and blue with the food coloring bottles and finished eggs
Easter egg coloring is a lot enjoyable!

The best way to Dye Easter Eggs

Now that now we have eggs, it’s time to colour our Easter eggs! Coloring eggs is my favourite half!

Provides wanted for Dyeing Easter Eggs

how to dye easter eggs - dozen white eggs and bowls of food coloring made color in blue green and yellow on a farmhouse table
That is all you must colour Easter eggs.

Directions for Making ready Easter Egg Dye for Egg Coloring

  1. The very first thing you need to do, is resolve what number of completely different colours you need to dye your eggs. As an illustration, if you wish to dye eggs crimson, purple, yellow, inexperienced, and blue, then you will have 5 small bowls.
  2. Subsequent, in every small bowl you’ll want to add vinegar to water at a 1:3 ratio.  So, for each 1/3 cup of vinegar, you will add 2/3 cup of water. There is no such thing as a have to boil your water. That’s the reason I like this Easter egg dye recipe a lot!  One much less factor to do, and I don’t have to fret about my child getting burned by scorching water.
  3. Now it’s time to add liquid meals dye to the vinegar and water combination. Many of the packages of meals dye could have directions on the again that inform you what number of drops of every colour you will have to dye eggs (see under for our ideas).
  4. Give it a fast stir.

Easter Egg Coloring Primary Easter Egg Dye Colour Combos

  • Purple: 16 drops 
  • Blue: 20 drops
  • Yellow: 20 drops
  • Orange: 12 drops yellow and 6 drops crimson
  • Teal: 14 drops blue and 4 drops inexperienced
  • Purple: 15 drops crimson and 5 drops blue
  • Inexperienced: 16 drops 
how to dye easter eggs - an egg sits in each of the bowls of color - blue green and yellow
How lengthy will you allow your egg within the colour?

Instructions for Dyeing Easter Eggs

  1. Place the boiled egg within the dye combination and permit it to take a seat for a couple of minutes. The longer you permit it to set, the deeper the colour will dye the egg.
  2. You should utilize a spoon to show your egg as wanted and transfer the egg in/out of bowls of colour dye.
  3. Permit to empty on paper towels or an outdated kitchen towel.
how to dye easter eggs - one egg in the red food coloring dye coloring an Easter egg and a plate full of colorful eggs
Look how fairly our Easter egg coloring turned out!

Now it’s time to have your Easter egg hunt with do-it-yourself dyed Easter eggs!

Prep Time
10 minutes

Lively Time
10 minutes

Complete Time
20 minutes


Estimated Price


  • White vinegar
  • Water
  • Liquid meals dye
  • 12 or so boiled eggs (do NOT peel)


  • Small bowls or mason jars
  • Spoons
  • Paper towels or outdated kitchen towel to set eggs on to dry


  1. Select the variety of colours you need to use on your Easter egg dying.
  2. Make a bowl for every colour by including vinegar to water in a 1:3 ratio of vinegar to complete. So, in case you have 1/third cup of vinegar, you will add 2/third cup of water for a complete of 1 cup of liquid.
  3. Add liquid meals dye to the vinegar and water combination.
  4. Stir
  5. Add onerous boiled eggs to the dye combination and let set till desired colour.
  6. Use a spoon to show if crucial.
  7. Drain on paper towels.
  8. Host an Easter egg hunt!

Extra Egg Coloring & Adorning Concepts

Whereas it’s enjoyable to easily add colours in numerous quantities of depth and depths, listed here are some straightforward methods to paint Easter eggs with somewhat extra creativity and enjoyable…

finished colored eggs on a plate after dyeing easter eggs
I like the intense colours of our completed Easter egg coloring!

1. Make Tie Dye Eggs with Your Egg Coloring

Take rubber bands and wrap them round your egg. We discovered that the thicker bands labored higher. You’ll be able to then both dip the eggs into the dye entire, or you need to use a medicine dropper to place the dye onto particular sections you have an interest in dying (making an nearly stained glass impact). The results of dipping the entire egg are some stripes which look very “trendy”. Watch out to not crack your egg.

2. Coloring Your Easter Eggs in a Batik Design

Take tacky glue or blue gel faculty glue and dot the egg. When the glue is dry, you’ll be able to then dye the egg by dipping the entire egg into the water, or you need to use a dropper to drip particular areas of your egg. I like the best way these circles turned out!

3. Use a Sizzling Glue Method when Coloring Easter Eggs

Right here’s a brilliant cool concept that makes enjoyable designs in your Easter Eggs with Hot Glue. Strive it out!

4. Dye a Humpty Dumpty Egg when Coloring Easter Eggs

Dip half of your egg in a single colour and the highest half in one other colour, leaving a band of white within the center. You can also make Humpty Dumpty! Draw a face and viola! Your personal “Egg Man.” Read the nursery rhyme…and, if you’re actually adventurous, use a non-boiled egg and crack it! My children thought that was nice!

5. Colour Your Eggs Like Speckled Eggs

To make a speckled egg, we added some drops of normal meals coloring, to Paas dye capsules. They don’t combine nicely collectively. The end result was some speckling and I beloved it! We blended a few of our dyes this manner and left the others plain. What occurred once we added crimson meals coloring to the blue dye? Vibrant purple speckles, the crimson speckles on the orange weren’t so brilliant, nor was crimson on yellow, however we had enjoyable experimenting.

6. Utilizing Easter Egg Coloring to Studying Colours

Train children about major and secondary colours. We found that mixing the sensible crimson with a contact of yellow made a brilliant orange colour. Keep in mind that yellow and blue makes inexperienced, and that crimson and blue make purple.

7. Paint Your Egg when Coloring Eggs

For a enjoyable watercolor impact, use a paintbrush so as to add dye to boiled eggs. Children could have enjoyable portray their eggs!

8. Easter Egg Coloring for Drip Dye Eggs

Utilizing the medicine dropper, drip a colour onto your egg (we used orange on one egg and blue on one other). Then drop one other colour over it. What occurs to the colours? Ours separated and blended in some areas making a very enjoyable tie-dyed look.

Take a look at how you can make this Easter egg art perfect for preschoolers…really, I take that again that is so enjoyable that though this can be very straightforward craft, all ages will get pleasure from it…

preschool easter egg art idea - child holding a marbled Easter egg art design
Let’s colour our Easter eggs on this creative method…


How did you dye your Easter eggs?  How did your Easter egg coloring end up this 12 months?

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