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Have a look out the window and let’s create climate artwork collectively!

Our enjoyable and simple climate artwork for preschoolers and kindergarten-aged youngsters is ideal for recreating the climate outdoors the house or classroom.

weather art made with construction paper, paint, and cotton balls for preschoolers
Climate artwork for preschoolers painted with cotton balls.

We’ve been discussing the climate and meteorologists in school. One of many jobs the children do every morning is to look out the window and see what the climate is like. So, I had them paint what it appeared like utilizing cotton balls. That specific day it was cloudy and wet. I gave them black and white paint and so they discovered that in the event that they blended it collectively it made gray.

The best way to make climate artwork

Have a look outdoors. Is it sunny, cloudy, wet, or storming, or perhaps there may be snow falling? Have youngsters paint what they see. Give them fundamental colours to make use of in order that they’ll experiment mixing colours collectively, reminiscent of black and white to make gray, and crimson and yellow to make orange.

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You need paint, blue construction paper, a clothes peg, cotton balls, and a paper plate for preschoolers to make weather art
Collect paint, blue development paper, and cotton balls to make your climate artwork.

Provides wanted to make climate artwork

  • Building paper – black for night time, blue for daytime
  • Paint
  • Cotton balls
  • Garments peg

Directions for making climate artwork

paint weather art using cotton balls and mixing paint colors like red and yellow to make orange
Decide up a cotton ball with a peg, dip it in paint, and create your climate artwork.

Step 1

Decide up a cotton ball along with your peg. Dip the cotton ball into the paint and start portray the climate outdoors onto your development paper.

Youngsters can experiment with mixing colours like black and white collectively to make gray clouds, or crimson and yellow collectively for the solar.

rainy day weather art for preschoolers paint with cotton balls and finger painting
Dip your fingers within the paint to make fingerprint raindrops in your climate artwork.

Step 2

To make raindrops in your wet day climate artwork, dip your fingers into the paint and fingerpaint raindrops onto the development paper. Youngsters will love getting messy with this step.

Our completed climate artwork for preschoolers
rainy day and sunny day weather art for kindergarten and preschool
Experiment with mixing colours and portray with cotton balls with this climate artwork.

Prep Time
5 minutes

Lively Time
10 minutes

Whole Time


Estimated Price


  • Building paper – blue
  • Paint – black, white, crimson, and yellow
  • Cotton balls
  • Garments peg


  1. Pour paint onto a paper plate.
  2. Decide up the cotton ball with the peg and dip it into the paint.
  3. Experiment with mixing colours like black and white to make gray clouds, or crimson and yellow to make orange within the solar.
  4. Paint what the climate appears to be like like outdoors your window.

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Have you ever made climate artwork along with your youngsters? Did they select snow, rain, or the solar?

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