Awesome Words That Start with with the Letter A


Let’s have some enjoyable at the moment with A phrases!  Phrases that begin with the letter A are superior and applicable. We’ve got a listing of A letter phrases, animals that begin with A, A coloring pages, locations that begin with the letter A and letter A meals. These A phrases for teenagers are excellent to be used at dwelling or within the classroom as a part of alphabet studying.

What are phrases that begin with A? Alligator!

A Phrases For Youngsters

If you’re searching for phrases starting with A for Kindergarten or Preschool, you’ve gotten come to the proper place!  Letter of the Day actions and alphabet letter lesson plans have by no means been simpler or extra enjoyable.

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  • A is for Journey, which implies an uncommon or thrilling exercise that may be generally harmful.
  • A is for Wonderful, which is the sensation of maximum shock.
  • A is for Summary, is an concept or feeling..

There are limitless methods to spark extra concepts for academic alternatives for the letter A. If you’re searching for worth phrases that begin with A, try this checklist from Personal DevelopFit.

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Animals that Start with the Letter A - Alligator - Kids activities blog - gray alligator on mud and grass
Alligator begins with the letter A!


There are such a lot of animals that begin with a letter A. If you take a look at animals that start with the letter A, you will see superior animals that start with the sound of A! I believe you’ll agree while you learn the enjoyable details related to letter A animals.

1. AXOLOTL is an Animal that Begins with A

The species advanced within the lake underlying Mexico Metropolis. Axolotls are used so much in scientific analysis as a result of they’ll develop again misplaced physique components! Think about if people might do this, too! These little cuties have exterior gills and a small fin extending from behind the pinnacle. Axolotls have 5 completely different coloration variants. The conventional – or “wild sort”-  animal is brown/tan darkish and lightweight spots and even gold freckles. Then, there 4 mutant colours: 

  • Leucistic – pale pink with black eyes
  • Albino – golden with gold eyes
  • Axanthic – gray with black eyes
  • Melanoid – all black with no lightness or gold speckling

You possibly can learn extra concerning the A animal, Axolotl on Nature.

2. ALBATROSS is an Animal that Begins with A

Albatrosses are giant seabirds. Wandering Albatrosses are among the many largest of all flying birds with a wingspan of almost twelve ft. All albatrosses are superb at flying, spending most of their life within the air. Some may even sleep whereas gliding on air-currents! 

You possibly can learn extra concerning the A animal, Albatross on National Geographic.

3. AMERICAN ALLIGATOR is an Animal that Begins with A

Coming in at a whopping 800 lbs and about 10 ft lengthy from tooth to tail is the American Alligator! There are two sorts of white alligators that are albino and leucistic. These alligators are virtually inconceivable to search out within the wild. They may survive solely in captivity and are few in quantity. American alligators stay largely within the southeast United States. Most American alligators stay in Louisiana or Florida. Southern Florida is the one place on the planet the place each alligators and crocodiles stay facet by facet. American alligators can’t stay in saltwater very lengthy as a result of they don’t have salt glands.


Crocodiles have salt glands, to allow them to stay in saltwater habitats. Alligators often stay in freshwater habitats.
Most alligators have huge snouts which are formed like a U. Often, crocodiles’ snouts are longer, narrower, and are formed like a V. Nonetheless, some crocodiles do have huge snouts.
When its mouth is closed, you possibly can see the fourth tooth on a crocodile’s jaw. You can not see that tooth when an alligator’s mouth is closed.

You possibly can learn extra concerning the A animal, Alligator on National Geographic.

4. AYE-AYE is an Animal that Begins with A

AYE-YI-YI! What on earth? The aye-aye is a tiny lemur which lives within the rain forests of Madagascar. This solitary animal is nocturnal (most lively at evening). The aye-aye spends most of its time in timber. Through the day, it sleeps in a nest of leaves and twigs within the fork of a tree. The aye-aye has the tooth of a squirrel and a loopy, bizarre, particular skinny center finger to get on the insect grubs underneath tree bark.

You possibly can learn extra concerning the A animal, Aye Aye on Britannica.

5. ARMADILLO is an Animal that Begins with A

With an odd, leathery armor, armadillos are an odd sight widespread to a lot of the Americas. The smallest species – the pink fairy armadillo – is roughly chipmunk-sized at 3oz and 5-6 inches in complete size. The most important species – the large armadillo – might be the dimensions of a small pig, weighing 120 lb and 60 inches lengthy. Many species use their sharp claws to dig for meals and to dig dens. The diets of various armadillo species range, however consist primarily of bugs, grubs, and different invertebrates. Some species, nevertheless, feed nearly completely on ants and termites. Armadillos have very poor eyesight, and use their eager sense of odor to hunt for meals.
The world is a splendidly fascinating place. Awe-inspiring, agile, superb – Animals that begin with the letter A are only one pure a part of our checklist. Extra phrases that begin with the letter A are on their method!

You possibly can learn extra concerning the A animal, Armadillo on Live Science.


A is for alligator information and facts - printed pdf file of alligator
A is for Alligator coloring pages.

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A Is For Alligator Coloring Pages and Craft

Right here at Youngsters Actions Weblog we like alligator and have numerous enjoyable alligator coloring pages and alligator printables that can be utilized when celebrating the letter A:

Child playing on united states map - Kids Activities Blog - child on scooter rolling over US map painted on sidewalk
What locations can we go to that begin with A?


Subsequent, in our phrases beginning with the Letter A, we get to search out out about some awe-inspiring locations. 

1. A is for Athens, Greece

Athens is the capital metropolis of Greece. It is among the most well-known cities on the planet. Town is known as after Athena, a goddess in Greek mythology. Throughout historic instances, Athens was a spot of studying and residential to many students. It’s surrounded by mountains and the gorgeous blue waters of the Saronic Gulf. Athens is a middle for analysis into the previous, often known as archaeology! 

2. A is for Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage is situated in Southcentral Alaska. It’s Alaska’s most populous metropolis and incorporates greater than 40 p.c of the state’s complete inhabitants. Why isn’t Anchorage the capital of Alaska? Good query! A number of makes an attempt have been made to maneuver Alaska’s state capital from Juneau to Anchorage. Communities comparable to Fairbanks and far of rural Alaska opposed shifting the capital to Anchorage for concern of concentrating extra energy within the state’s largest metropolis. Regardless of this, greater than twice the variety of authorities workers stay and work in Anchorage as a substitute of Juneau. 

3. A is for Algeria

Algeria is a rustic in North Africa! A big a part of southern Algeria is the Sahara Desert. It’s dwelling to numerous outstanding historic websites. These ruins span from historic Muslim mosques to outside theaters constructed through the peak of the Roman Empire. 

Apples, green, cut in half and whole- Kids Activities Blog
Apples begin with A!



By far, apples are one of the crucial common fruits on the planet. However other than tasting completely superb, apples are a healthy fruit full of advantages. To get probably the most out of apples, go away the pores and skin on! 


Avocados begin with A and are a wholesome supply of fats and protein! Good for feeling full all day! And there are such a lot of nice issues you can also make with avocados like this tremendous yummy avocado salad.


Arugula is a bitter inexperienced that’s tremendous wholesome for you, stuffed with nutritional vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It’s often eaten in a salad, however we’ve an excellent scrumptious arugula pizza recipe!

Extra Phrases That Begin With Letters

Extra Letter A Phrases and Assets for Alphabet Studying

Are you able to consider extra examples for phrases that begin with the letter A? Share a few of your favorites under!

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