Easy Kids Egyptian Pyramid Tomb Box Craft


Let’s do a enjoyable historical past craft the place we make our personal tremendous simple and enjoyable historic Egyptian pyramid tomb field craft! This Egyptian pyramid tomb field craft is a brilliant enjoyable and academic craft you make at residence or within the classroom utilizing a small field and a few paints! You should use your Egyptian pyramid tomb field to retailer all of your treasures in addition to some constructive phrases of affirmation.

Make your individual tremendous cool Egyptian Pyramid Tomb Craft!

Egyptian Pyramid Historical past for teenagers

The Pyramids in Egypt had been constructed a protracted, very long time in the past in the course of the Previous Kingdom. One of many oldest pyramids was constructed to deal with King Djoser after he handed away. The pyramid was the most important step-pyramid construction for its time and a monument to Historical Egyptian structure!

Later, round 2550 BCE, the most important pyramid on the planet can be constructed at Giza by King Kufu, and it could be known as Kufu’s Pyramid. It was an architectural marvel each then and now!

Insides of the pyramids had been tombs that had been crammed with items, instruments, meals, companions, and way more for the pharaoh to have as soon as he entered the afterlife. Along with these, the partitions of tombs had been normally inscribed texts to assist the king in his journey via the afterlife. A lot of the texts had been meant to make the pharaoh stronger or assist defend him from evil spirits, such because the texts discovered on the Pyramid of Unas. On this craft we will likely be mimicking the tombs which were discovered inside Egypt’s pyramids so as to have a secure place to maintain all of your treasures.

You’ll be able to learn extra in regards to the Pyramids and Historical Egypt on the finish of this text!

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Simple Egyptian pyramid tomb craft for teenagers

  • This historical past craft is nice for teenagers in kindergarten or older, and for adults too! 
  • Making your individual Egyptian Tomb craft teaches motor abilities, creativity, and historical past. 
  • Child’s could have enjoyable making this historical past craft and be capable of use it to retailer their toys, treasures, and type, uplifting phrases.

Provides Wanted to make your individual egyptian pyramid tomb

ancient Egyptian pyramid tomb box craft supplies sticky notes, paint brushes, paint markers, yellow, blue, and white paint, box, pencil, ruler-Kids Activities Blog
All of the provides wanted to make your individual historic Egyptian pyramid tomb!
  • Shoebox or small field with lid
  • Pencil
  • Paint brushes
  • Paints and/or paint markers (white, yellow, blue, darkish yellow, pink)
  • Ruler or straight edge
  • Word playing cards or sticky notes

Directions to make your individual Egyptian pyramid tomb

Step 1

Collect all of your provides collectively. Take your field and paint the complete exterior white and anticipate the paint to dry.

Step 2

Step 2- ancient Egyptian pyramid tomb box craft- Box laying long ways on a wood table, take your ruler and and draw a straight line across the middle of the box- Kids activities blog
Use a ruler to attract center line for step 2!

Take your ruler and measure the vertical midway level on the perimeters of your field. Add a small line, dot, or mark on the center level. Use your ruler to attract a straight line throughout the center of the field.

Step 3

Step 3- ancient Egyptian pyramid tomb box craft- box laying long ways on wooden table background paint bottom half below center line yellow- Kids Activities Blog
Paint on yellow sand for step 3!

On the underside half of the field, paint it yellow. This will likely be sand. Let the paint dry.

Step 4

Step 4- ancient Egyptian pyramid tomb box craft- box laying long ways on table painted yellow above yellow paint paint the box blue and use white paint to paint clouds- Kids Activities Blog
Add a blue sky and clouds for step 4!

Paint age higher half and the lid of the field gentle or sky blue. Let the paint dry. You’ll be able to take some white paint and add clouds to the sky for some visible curiosity.

Step 5

Step 5- ancient Egyptian pyramid tomb box craft- Box laying long ways on wooden table painted yellow sand and blue sky with white clouds use pencil to draw three triangle on the sand- Kids Activities Blog
Sketch on some triangles!

Take a pencil and draw a triangle on the longer facet of the field. Coloration the triangle in with a darker shade of yellow paint. You’ll be able to add a couple of smaller triangles as nicely to boost the design and add visible curiosity.

Step 5- ancient Egyptian pyramid tomb box craft- box laying longways on wooden table triangles painted in with tan-yellow paint and orange paint for shadow-Kids Activities Blog
Coloration in your pyramids!

On the alternative longer facet of your field, observe the identical to attract one other pyramid on that facet.

Step 6

On the lid of your field, draw a circle after which draw one other smaller circle. The circles ought to mimmic an historic Egyptian Solar disk.

Step 6-ancient Egyptian pyramid tomb box craft- blue painted box with clouds top view on wooden table draw one circle then draw another smaller circle inside of it-Kids Activities Blog
Sketch of two circles for step 6!

Step 7

Paint the ring of the solar disk yellow to appear like gold and paint the middle a part of the solar disk pink. Let it dry.

For older youngsters, you possibly can combine your paints so as to add highlights and shadows to your solar disk! Use a rounded paint brush to assist mix the colours into one another and actually get that 3D impact!

step 7-ancient Egyptian pyramid tomb box craft- top view of box painted blue with clouds and with a red circle in the center to look like an Egyptian sun disk on wooden table background-Kids Activities Blog.
Tremendous cool Egyptian Type solar disk!

Step 8

Step 8- ancient Egyptian pyramid tomb box craft- affirmations "I am awesome!" "I am loved" "I can do it!" written on yellow sticky notes on wooden table background-Kids Activities Blog
Some constructive affirmations for step 8!

When you’re blissful along with your pyramid designs and the paint has dried, seize your sticky notes or notice playing cards. Write some phrases of affirmation on the sticky notes resembling; “I’m superior,” “I’m sturdy,” “I’m cherished,” and so many extra.

Don’t be afraid to get inventive with these!

Step 9

Step 9- Finished ancient Egyptian pyramid tomb box craft opened to see inside filled with many toys, trinkets, and treasures affirmation sticky notes attached to lid of box-Kids Activities Blog.
Have a look at what number of issues you possibly can put in your Egyptian pyramid Tomb!

Put your notes inside your field together with any cool treasures, toys, or something your child needs to maintain secure!

Ta-da! Now you may have your very personal pyramid tomb to maintain all your treasures, similar to the good pharaohs of historic Egypt!

Finsihed historic egyptian pyramid tomb craft

Finished Easy Kids Egyptian pyramid Tomb Box Craft on grey background with Ancient Greek Pottery Craft, gold bracelets, stone cat, and toy dinosaur-Kids Activities Blog.
Doesn’t our Historical Egyptian Tomb Field Craft look tremendous cool?

I had an absolute blast making this craft! I at all times benefit from the crafts that permit me to color one thing because it’s at all times fairly stress-free. I feel my favourite a part of the craft was portray the solar disk, which I initially had not deliberate when drafting up the Egyptian pyramid tomb field craft. What was your favourite half? Inform us within the feedback under this text!

Ideas for Making your individual egyptian pyramid tomb

  • If you need your paint to dry quicker, use a hair dryer to hurry up the method.
  • Use some paint markers or a high quality bristled brush so as to add particulars to the sand and to the pyramids to make it seem extra dynamic.
  • Attempt mixing your paints to get extra dynamic colours and use a spherical brush to mix the colours collectively!

My expertise making my very own pyramid tomb

I acquired the thought to make this craft from my Historical Egyptian historical past class that I’ve been taking this summer season. The category has offered a variety of inspiration for me along with being a genuinely attention-grabbing deep dive into historic Egyptian historical past.

The inspiration for this craft was the “Pyramid Texts of Unas”, from Pen, Stylus, and Chisel: An Historical Egypt Sourcebook by David Miano and A Historical past of Historical Egypt by Marc Van de Mieroop. Each books had been aside of the beforehand talked about Historical Egypt class that I’m taking. What we had lined in these books a pair weeks in the past had primarily been targeted on the pyramids and their significance to the traditional Egyptians. I although that it could make a wonderful treasure field kind craft and can be a great way to introduce youngsters to constructive self affirmations.

You’ll be able to learn extra about my findings and what I realized within the part under!

Egyptian pyramid and tomb historical past for teenagers

Like said in the beginning of the article, the pyramids in Egypt had been constructed a really very long time in the past. One of many first Egyptian pyramids is Djoser’s Pyramid close to Saqqara, Egypt. It’s believed to be from the Third Dynasty of the Previous Kingdom. The pyramid was the most important stone construction for its time and reveals among the first burial complexes to be constructed out of stone. Archeologists consider that the pyramid was constructed by the architect Imhotep, as his identify has been discovered written on statues of king Djoser. Imhotep was seemingly a vital determine in the course of the Third Dynasty, as many historic Egyptian architects didn’t have their names written on their work and Imhotep had made an enormous contribution to Djoser’s reign via the development of the pyramid. Along with being a burial chamber for the kings as soon as they handed away, they pyramid’s additionally served as a testomony to the kings energy and authority all through Egypt.

Later round 2550 BCE, the most important Pyramid in Egypt can be constructed at Giza. This Pyramid is Kufu’s Pyramid, which stands at 146m (479ft) excessive and 230m by 230m (754ft by 754ft) vast. Its hypothesized that Kufu’s pyramid incorporates about 2,300,000 blocks. The construction was, and nonetheless is an architectural marvel! Kufu’s Pyramid was thought-about to be one of many seven wonders of the world throughout historic occasions, and it’s the solely surprise that’s nonetheless standing at this time! Along with Kufu’s pyramids had been two different smaller pyramids constructed by his son and grandson. Alongside these three major pyramids, had been three different smaller pyramids. These are the Queens Pyramids, which housed every pharaoh’s spouse after she had handed away in order that they might be within the afterlife collectively.

Within all of the pyramids had been tombs and burial complexes which held the pharaohs, their treasures, instruments, meals, their servants and guards, and way more to accompany them within the afterlife. On the within partitions of a few of these tombs had been spells and texts meant to assist the pharaoh’s make it safely to the afterlife. One of many earliest examples is the Pyramid Texts of Unas discovered inside Unas’s Pyramid. On the partitions of his pyramid had been texts, spells, and different inscriptions meant to assist him via the afterlife. Unas is in comparison with the Egyptian Gods, resembling Ra and Horus, and is written to overcome all evil spirits that will stop him from making it to a cheerful afterlife.

Right here’s a enjoyable video by TEDed on how the Egyptians constructed the pyramids!

How did the Egyptians construct the Nice Pyramids of Giza?

Prep Time
10 minutes

Lively Time
1 hour half-hour

Whole Time
1 hour 40 minutes


Estimated Value


  • shoebox or small field with lid,
  • pencil,
  • paints and/or paint markers,
  • ruler or straight edge,
  • paint brushes
  • notice playing cards or sticky notes.


  1. Begin by portray the perimeters and lid of your field white.
  2. Use a ruler to mark half method up the perimeters of the field, from that mark draw a straight line throughout all sides of the field.
  3. Paint the underside half yellow. Let that dry.
  4. Paint the higher half and the lid gentle blue. Let that dry.
  5. On the longer sides of the field, draw a triangle along with your pencil on the sand.
  6. Coloration within the triangle with a darker shade of yellow. Let that dry.
  7. Utilizing your pencil, you possibly can add a couple of extra pyramids and coloration them in with the darker shade of yellow. Let the paint dry.
  8. On the lid of the field within the heart, draw a circle. Contained in the circle draw one other smaller circle, attempt to mimmic the Egyptian Solar disks.
  9. Paint the middle circle pink and the ring round it yellow or gold.
  10. Write some phrases of affirmation on a couple of sticky notes and add them to your field.
  11. Add a pair toys, treasures, and trinkets then ta-da! You now have your very personal Historical Egyptian Pyramid Tomb in a field!

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How did your Egyptian pyramid field craft prove? Tell us within the feedback!

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