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Come learn and find out about a enjoyable story from Greek mythology! At present we’ll be exploring the parable of Eros and Psyche, a heartwarming story of real love. The story of Eros and Psyche is nice for youngsters of all ages and might educate children about Greek mythology. You’ll be able to learn the parable of Eros and Psyche as a bedtime story or throughout story time.

Come learn concerning the Greek fable of Eros and Psyche!

The parable of eros and psyche for teenagers

Princess Psyche

There was as soon as a kingdom that had three stunning princesses. Of the three princesses, princess Psyche was probably the most stunning. She was so stunning, sensible, and intelligent that everybody within the kingdom worshipped her! Though everybody liked Psyche for her magnificence, they solely admired her from afar. The residents admired Psyche a lot that they started to worship her because the goddess of magnificence as an alternative of the particular goddess of magnificence, Aphrodite!

Regardless of her immense magnificence, Psyche was extraordinarily lonely! Nobody needed to be her pal or her lover. Psyche’s father, the king, didn’t wish to see his most stunning daughter so lonely, so he took her to the oracle at Delphi.

By this time, Aphrodite seen that everyone was worshiping Psyche as an alternative of her. Aphrodite grew to become offended, so she referred to as upon her son Eros, the god of affection. She requested that Eros make Psyche fall in love with a hideous monster. Eros went to Psyche one night time whereas she was a sleep. When he noticed her, Eros grew to become awestruck by her magnificence. In his state of awe, Eros unintentionally pricked his finger upon certainly one of his arrows of affection, inflicting him to fall in love with Psyche. Realizing his mistake, Eros rapidly fled and by no means made Psyche fall in love with a hideous monster.

Along with wanting Psyche to fall in love with an unpleasant monster, Aphrodite determined to provide Psyche a message via the oracle at Delphi. When Psyche went to the oracle, the oracle informed her that she would fall in love with an enormous, hideous monster and that she ought to wait on the cliff facet for him. Psyche was baffled, a hideous monster? How may she succumb to a destiny so horrible.

Not one to withstand destiny, Psyche went to the cliff and waited for her new husband to return. Slowly, as she waited, Psyche started to float off to sleep. Upon waking up, she discovered herself in entrance of a big, stunning palace. Psyche obtained to her ft and walked into the palace. It was fantastically adorned, maybe probably the most stunning palace she had ever seen!

Who’s Psyche’s husband?

As she walked via the palace Psyche seen that each one the servants have been invisible, which she thought was odd. All of a sudden she heard a voice calling out to her. It was her husband! He defined to her that each him and all of his servants have been invisible as to not scare her and that Psyche ought to by no means attempt to see what the actually seemed like. Psyche hesitantly agreed. She was uncertain about it, however figured that her husbands reasoning for wanting to stay hidden was truthful.

After a number of days of dwelling within the palace, each of Psyche’s sisters determined to pay her a go to. Her sisters took within the attractive palace, however they have been confused as to why all of the servants have been invisible and the place Psyche’s husband was. They requested Psyche why this was, so Psyche defined that each the servants and her husband have been invisible, however her husband was actually candy so it didn’t trouble her in any respect! Her sisters didn’t purchase it, they thought that Psyche’s husband was in some way mendacity to her. The sisters satisfied Psyche that she ought to sneak into her bed room one night time whereas her and her husband have been sleeping to see who he actually was. Psyche merely waved off her sisters plotting, however their feedback slowly started to eat away at her.

After her sisters had left, Psyche couldn’t assist it any longer, she wanted to know what her husband seemed like! Later that night time, she waited till her husband was snoozing and grabbed an oil lamp and lit it. Beneath the sunshine of the candle she noticed her husband for the primary time. He wasn’t some hideous, scaly monster, however he was Eros the god of affection! Awestruck, Psyche didn’t notice the oil lamp started to slide from her hand, because it slipped a little bit of scorching oil fell onto Eros’s pores and skin. He jolted awake and noticed Psyche standing there with the lamp, betrayed, he rapidly fled from the palace to his mom.

Eros informed Aphrodite what had occurred and he or she was livid! How may this mortal princess in some way do extra to upset her? Aphrodite determined to take her revenge on Psyche for crossing her and for hurting her son.

Trials of Aphrodite

As Psyche stood in disbelief at what she had simply seen, she broke down and cried. “How may this have occurred? How may she have accomplished this?” Psyche thought to her self.

All night time, Psyche cried and lamented her mistake. Simply because the solar started to rise, Aphrodite appeared earlier than her. Seeing the goddess, Psyche clasped her fingers collectively and begged forgiveness, however her begging didn’t work. Aphrodite had a plan for revenge on Psyche.

Greek mythology for Kids: Eros and Psyche image of marble statue of Aphrodite holding a roses against her left shoulder in front of a garden background- Kids Activities Blog.
Statue of the Greek goddess of affection and wonder, Aphrodite.

Trying down on her, Aphrodite informed Psyche that she should full a number of duties for her earlier than she can be allowed to see Eros once more. For the primary activity, Aphrodite poured a bag of blended on grains onto the ground and informed psyche that she should have all of them sorted by grain sort inside twenty-four hours. Earlier than Psyche may say something, Aphrodite left.

Psyche started to type via the grains, however after just a few hours of sorting Psyche grew to become hopeless. The grains have been too tiny and he or she couldn’t inform which was which. Taking pity on her, a close to by ant colony determined to assist psyche type the grains. Inside one other few hours, hundreds of hardworking ants had sorted all of the grains.

Not lengthy after, Aphrodite got here again and noticed that each one the grain had been sorted completely. Annoyed, she determined to provide Psyche a tougher activity. She informed Psyche that she would want to fetch the Golden Fleece from a close to by flock of feral rams.

Psyche walked to the pasture the place the rams had grazed, she noticed the rams sharp, lethal trying horns and grimaced. Absolutely the ram would assault her if she obtained too shut. Psyche walked over to the river that divided the pasture and gazed at her reflection in considering. A quiet voice had interrupted her ideas, it was the spirit of the river! He informed Psyche that as an alternative of getting the fleece from the rams that she ought to gather the fleece that had been caught on the bushes. Psyche smiled and thanked the spirit. She collected the Golden Fleece and returned again to Aphrodite.

Aphrodite took the fleece from Psyche, however she was nonetheless upset with Psyche. Aphrodite handed Psyche a pitcher and took her to the cliff facet fringe of the river Styx. She informed her that she should gather water from the river and return it again to her when she was accomplished. Aphrodite left Psyche to finish the duty.

Psyche seemed over the sting of the cliff and have become sick on the drop. All of a sudden an eagle, doubtless despatched by Zeus, got here right down to Psyche and stuffed the pitcher with Styx water for her. Psyche thanked the eagle and returned to Aphrodite.

Nonetheless offended with Psyche, Aphrodite gave her a field and informed her she should full yet one more activity earlier than she may see Eros. Psyche should go to Queen Persephone within the underworld and put her magnificence into the field.

Psyche took the field and made her means into the underworld, all the way in which to the palace of King Hades and Queen Persephone. Psyche greeted the king and queen then handed Persephone the field, explaining that Aphrodite had despatched her. Persephone smiled and positioned a few of her magnificence into the field and gave it again to Psyche. She thanked Queen Persephone and made her means out of the underworld.

Strolling again dwelling, Psyche seen how soiled her costume was and the way her hair had been utterly tousled. Possibly she may use a bit little bit of the sweetness within the field to revive her look! Psyche opened the field only a crack, however Persephone’s magnificence solely knocked Psyche unconscious.


By this time, Eros had overcome his sorrow and emotions of betrayal and sought to search out Psyche. He flew all throughout Greece till her lastly discovered Psyche, laying unconscious on the bottom. He swiftly flew right down to her and picked up her limp physique. He held her shut and mentioned phrases of forgiveness to her, however seen she wouldn’t get up.

Panicked, Eros carried Psyche as much as Olympus and went to Zeus. He requested that Zeus finish the struggling that Psyche had gone although and wake her up. Zeus obliged Eros’s requests, since he was not towards real love.

Psyche step by step awakened and seen that she had grown stunning butterfly wings and had turn into a goddess! She embraced Eros into a decent hug and kissed him.

Greek mythology for Kids: Eros and Psyche up close image of white marble statue of Eros and Psyche with Eros holding Psyche about to kiss her- Kids Activities Blog.
Eros and Psyche earlier than sharing a kiss.

No various days later, Eros and Psyche obtained married and have become the god and goddess of the guts and soul. Collectively that they had a daughter named Hedone, who was the goddess of enjoyment and delight.

Eros and Psyche lived fortunately ever after upon Olympus.

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