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Studying about historical past doesn’t need to be boring, particularly when you’ve got coloring pages! Right this moment we’re studying Christopher Columbus info which you can coloration as you study.

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Christopher Columbus Facts

These coloring pages are a enjoyable useful resource to study one of many coolest explorers that has ever existed, making it excellent for youths of all ages!

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Let’s study all about Christopher Columbus!

Christopher Columbus info FOR KIDS

  1. Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer and navigator born in between 25 August and 31 October 1451 and died on 20 Could 1506.
  2. His Italian title was Cristoforo Colombo and he was born within the Republic of Genoa, now Italy.
  3. He accomplished 4 voyages throughout the Atlantic Ocean with the intention of going to East Asia, nonetheless, he ended up arriving within the “New World”, the Americas.
  4. The three ships utilized by explorer Christopher Columbus on his first journey had been La Niña, La Pinta, and La Santa Maria.
  5. His first voyage set sail was on August 3, 1492, from Spain to discover a sea path to Asia was on August 3, 1492. Two months later, he landed on small island within the Bahamas and he known as it San Salvador.
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Do you know these info about Columbus?
  1. The second voyage was in 1493, the place he sailed with 17 ships and about 1200 males, arriving in Hispaniola, essentially the most populous Caribbean island, in late November.
  2. His third voyage in 1498 took him to Trinidad and inside attain of the South American mainland.
  3. On his fourth voyage, on March 14,1502 his aim was to search out the Strait of Malacca to the Indian Ocean. He explored Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama.
  4. He was sponsored by the Spanish crown, Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand, opening the way in which for the widespread European exploration and European colonization of the Americas.
  5. Following his demise in 1506, Columbus was buried in Valladolid, Spain, after which moved to Seville. Nonetheless, his physique was shipped throughout the Atlantic ocean to Hispaniola and interred in a Santo Domingo cathedral.


Christopher Columbus info coloring pages are sized for traditional letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.

Screenshot of the first Christopher Columbus facts coloring page.
Columbus had such an attention-grabbing life!

This pdf file contains two coloring sheets loaded with Christopher Columbus info that you simply don’t need to miss. Print as many units as wanted and provides them to buddies or household!

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Christopher Columbus Pages


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