How to Host a DIY Escape Room Birthday Party


Escape room birthday events are a enjoyable method to verify even reluctant party attendees have a good time. DIY escape rooms are the proper mixture of journey and messy enjoyable. This listing of escape room puzzles and a step-by-step information so that you’ll have every little thing it is advisable make your personal escape room for youths.

DIY Escape Room for Kids- A mysterious collage of pictures including a cupcake puzzle, a handmade clay key in an oven, chocolate cupcakes, a happy birthday banner, and three keys made of pipe cleaners.
It’s straightforward to host a enjoyable escape room party!

Simple Do-it-yourself Escape Room Plan

In escape rooms, everybody works collectively to unravel puzzles and beat video games, all earlier than the clock runs out. They’re a fantastic group exercise that’ll get everybody speaking, which is why escape rooms are the proper party sport!

1. Create Escape Room Objective(s)

When making a diy escape room for youths, it’s a must to create clear objectives for them to seek out. Even when party chaos erupts, they should know the place to go and what to search for.

2. Make & Disguise Escape Room Keys & Codes

In actual escape rooms, the objective is to seek out keys or codes to open doorways. For our do-it-yourself escape room, we created a lockbox that youngsters can place the keys they discover inside. That’s why the primary steps for making a do-it-yourself escape room are:

  1. Making a lock and set of keys. We usually use 3 keys.
  2. Deciding the place the top objective is. The entrance or again door are nice choices as a result of they’re straightforward to identify.

You should utilize actual locks and keys, comparable to locks meant for bikes and lockers, however these are sometimes tough for youthful youngsters to make use of. They may also be scary, so it’s essential to know what’s applicable to your get together attendees.

Lockbox and Key Ideas For Your DIY Escape Room- A collage of supplies you'll need to create the keys and lockbox for your homemade escape room. They include scissors, pipe cleaners, a paper bag, a rectangle tag, a decorative gift bag, free printable cupcake puzzle, free printable blank puzzle, colorful markers, clay, and a plastic container.
Listed here are some provides it’s possible you’ll must make your personal lockbox and keys!

Do-it-yourself Lock & Keys for DIY Escape Rooms

You may make your personal lock and keys for a neater, cheaper, extra kid-friendly sport. There are many choices for the lock– shoe-boxes, tuber-ware, plastic cups, even an enormous bowl. You possibly can embellish it like an actual lock, make it match the birthday theme, or go away it as a easy container for keys. The essential factor is that it’s noticeable and that youngsters can simply put keys inside it.

You might be as artful or so simple as you need with the keys. You may make them of cardboard, clay, pipe-cleaners, straws– you may even make them out of paper. Simply be sure the children know what they’re on the lookout for!

3 Easy Lockboxes You Can Make At Home- This picture is a collage of lockboxes you can make for your diy escape room birthday party. It includes a gift bag, paper bag, and plastic container all decorated with puzzles and writing to fit the escape room theme.
Listed here are 3 straightforward methods to make lockboxes. They are often so simple as a paper bag or as artful as a adorned plastic container.

3. Prize on the Clear Finish Objective For Children To Discover

The identical goes for the top objective. All get together contributors need to know what it’s. The entrance or again door works effectively as a result of they’re usually within the middle of the home and straightforward to seek out. You possibly can embellish it with streamers, banners, and balloons so it’s much more apparent. While you’re achieved, place the lockbox close to it.

So as to add much more enjoyable, place prizes on the opposite facet of the top objective. Goodie-bags, piñatas, little toys, and sweet, are nice choices! The prizes are one of many issues that make diy escape rooms higher than actual ones!

How To Make Pipe Cleaner Keys- A set of pictures showing instructions on how to make keys out of pipe cleaners.

Set Escape Room Guidelines Earlier than the Birthday Occasion

There are two issues it is advisable determine earlier than you unleash the youngsters upon their escape room:

  1. What number of hints do they get?
  2. How lengthy have they got to complete the escape room?

Each of those will rely in your youngsters and the way aggressive they’re. Most escape rooms give contributors an hour to flee and three hints. Whereas we usually give the children three hints and an hour restrict, what issues most is that they’re having enjoyable. If their happiness means an additional trace or couple extra minutes, then we give it to them.

This can be a nice time to determine on a time monitor and the place non-participants ought to sit whereas the sport is in motion.

How To Make Clay Keys- A set of three pictures showing step-by-step how to make cute keys out of clay.
Listed here are some straightforward methods to make your personal keys and lockboxes!

Hiding Keys: The Key to Each DIY Escape Room

The place you place the keys will decide the kinds of puzzles you employ and the solutions to these puzzles. For those who disguise a key contained in the closet, then a puzzle’s reply wants to guide the children to the closet.

  • As a result of diy escape rooms will more than likely be at your property, most of your puzzle solutions will probably be family objects. Vacuum cleaners, fridges, TV stands, guide circumstances, window sills, fish tanks, shoe racks, flower vases, and fruit bowls are all nice choices!
  • For party particular enjoyable, attempt leaving keys by presents, desserts, cupcakes, piñatas, birthday banners, and goodie-bags!
  • As a result of this escape room is for youths, be sure the hiding spots are the place they will attain!
  • Keep in mind the place you set the keys, these areas are going to be the solutions to your puzzles,

An Instance: Make an Escape Room for Children

Now that you simply’ve made a lock, keys, chosen the top objective and hid the keys, it’s time to creates puzzles and video games that can lead the children from puzzle to puzzle!

We’ve created a step-by-step instance to indicate you hyperlink puzzles collectively so your diy escape room will circulate collectively easily. After the instance, there will probably be a listing of puzzles and video games so that you can select from. This manner you’ll have the ability to craft an escape room that’s excellent for your own home and children!

For the primary instance, we’ve hidden the keys in three areas: a cupcake, the freezer, and a piñata. Our objective is to guide the children from considered one of these areas to the following. This instance will present you one configuration of puzzles that will work!

Obtain & Print Escape Room Puzzle Printables

Escape Room Puzzle #1: Jigsaw Puzzle Balloon Pop Recreation

Select the first key that must be discovered. This comes all the way down to desire and how much puzzles you wish to do. For this instance, we’ve chosen the important thing hidden contained in the cupcake. No matter our first puzzle is, it wants to guide the children there.

  • Provides Wanted for Recreation: balloons, confetti, and a paper jigsaw puzzle.
  • Arrange of Recreation: Earlier than the escape room begins, stuff the balloons with jigsaw puzzle items and confetti, then blow them up.
  • How the Recreation Reveals the Key: When accomplished, the jigsaw puzzle wants to indicate an image of the first key‘s location. You possibly can print out a cupcake jigsaw puzzle and a clean puzzle beneath!
  • Play the Recreation on the Birthday Occasion: Collect the children in room or small space and free the balloons! Children must pop the balloons, collect the items, and put them collectively to determine the place the first key is. After seeing the cupcake jigsaw, they need to be led in direction of the cupcake desk the place the following puzzle awaits!
These are some provides it’s possible you’ll must make the jigsaw puzzle balloon pop at house. This can be a welcome addition to any do-it-yourself escape room!

Escape Room Puzzle #2: Cupcake Shock

This puzzle requires a little bit of prep and is a bit messy, however youngsters are certain to find it irresistible! On a tray distant from the true birthday treats, have a set of cupcakes you’ve made particularly for the escape room. Inside considered one of them, disguise the first key. Inside one other, disguise the puzzle that can cause them to the following second key.

  • Provides Wanted for Recreation: Do-it-yourself cupcakes, first key and puzzle to result in second key that may be hidden inside cupcakes (see beneath for key & puzzle concepts).
  • Arrange of Recreation: Relying on what sort of key and puzzle you might be utilizing, bake inside do-it-yourself cupcakes or strategically lower pre-made cupcakes to be “fastened” with frosting. The second puzzle might be something that matches inside a cupcake– riddles and secret codes hidden in plastic baggage or tiny objects from the following second key‘s location. Within the second instance, we’ve used a color-by-number that reveals a vacuum cleaner.
  • How the Recreation Reveals the Key: After party-goers have torn the cupcakes aside with their palms (and also you’ve cleaned every little thing up!), the first key and the second puzzle must be discovered.
  • Play the Recreation on the Birthday Occasion: Children will probably be result in the cupcakes by the earlier puzzle and might want to search the cupcakes for the important thing and their subsequent clue.

Escape Room Puzzle #3: Birthday Banner Tangle

This could lead the children to the following puzzle, which is tucked away contained in the hallway closet. You possibly can obtain a color-by-number vacuum beneath! Contained in the closet, the following puzzle, the birthday banner tangle, awaits.

  • Provides Wanted for Recreation: Party banners, everlasting markers, one thing to hold the banner with – tape or detachable hooks.
  • Arrange of Recreation: Put together for this puzzle by buying a number of banners and writing the following clue on the again of 1. These free decorative banners are printable and straightforward to make! We wish to lead the children to our second key, which is within the freezer. A clue comparable to “chilly,” “ice,” or “I scream for ice cream” would do.
  • How the Recreation Reveals the Key: After you’ve written the clue, tangle the banners collectively in order that the clue is unreadable till the children have separated the banners.
  • Play the Recreation on the Birthday Occasion: Children will discover the place the banners are hidden (they are often hidden in plain website if hung in opposition to wall so the clues should not apparent) and it’ll cause them to the following key and puzzle: Our final key is hidden inside a piñata. Contained in the freezer, youngsters ought to discover the second key and their final clue. For our final instance, we’ve written the letters for “piñatas” on completely different items of paper. To determine the place they need to go, youngsters need to unscramble the letters!
cinco de mayo pinata

Escape Room Puzzle #4: Birthday Occasion Pinata

In case your finish objective is the again door, then the piñata must be within the entrance yard. If it’s the entrance door, then the piñata must be within the again with grownup supervision. The youngsters will discover the final key when the pinata is damaged.

  • Provides Wanted for Recreation: Homemade piñata or retailer purchased piñata, sweet and letters inside piñata that may be unscrambled for remaining clue. One thing to hit the piñata with or a string piñata that has strings to drag.
  • Arrange of Recreation: Fill the piñata as you usually would with the addition of letter clues (these might be single plastic letters, scrabble tiles or letters written on small items of paper). Cling the piñata as you’d for any party.
  • How the Recreation Reveals the Key: When the children break the piñata, all of the letters will probably be revealed and so they can unscramble them for the ultimate key.
  • Play the Recreation on the Birthday Occasion: Children will play a conventional piñata sport with an extra objective past sweet!

After all the keys are positioned within the lock, open the final door. The youngsters have received! It’s prize time!

Choose & Select Puzzles To Make Your Personal Escape Room

DIY escape rooms depend upon the objects in your own home, the actions you’re keen to do, and, most significantly, the children themselves! Ensuring you decide puzzles which can be the proper issue to your youngsters is essential. It’s simply as irritating to fly by an escape room as it’s to get caught in a single! This listing of puzzles gives choices. Hopefully, you’ll discover puzzles that match your own home and children completely!

Directions For Birthday Themed Escape Room Video games

  • Pin-the-Hand-on-the-Key: A enjoyable birthday themed sport! All you want is a giant piece of paper, a small paper hand, tacks, tape, and the important thing. Tape the important thing onto the sheet of paper, then roll it up and conceal it. As soon as discovered, have the time monitor or hint-giver tack it up and reasonable the children as they attempt to pin the hand on the important thing.
  • Puzzle Punch: One other messy one, however what child doesn’t like to get messy? Get some plastic baggage and the paper jigsaw puzzle of your alternative–our free printable cupcake jigsaw and clean jigsaw will probably be beneath. Our favourite birthday punches are manufactured from Sprite and Sherbet, in order that they’re inexperienced, foamy, and mysterious. Place the puzzles items contained in the plastic baggage, then put them within the punch. Let youngsters use their palms or a set of tongs to fish the puzzle out! The finished puzzle ought to cause them to the following clue.
  • Current Jumble: Get some additional packing containers and ensure they’re clearly separated from any actual presents. Subsequent, place the important thing in a single field, and objects of various weights within the others. Objects with drastically completely different weights work greatest, comparable to a rock and feather. Place a riddle or instruction card in entrance of the presents. It ought to inform youngsters that they’re allowed to shake, throw, and bang all of the items, however they will solely open one. As soon as they’ve opened a gift, that’s their guess!

Riddles, Mazes, and Codes– Oh My!

  • Shade-by-numbers are scary at first look, however straightforward to do. We advocate utilizing the ensuing image to guide youngsters to the following clue. They’re nice for younger escape room goers!
  • Popsicle stick puzzles are straightforward to make. You possibly can put no matter image you need on them, in order that they’re an effective way to finish your diy escape room.
  • Riddles are a straightforward reply if you happen to ever get caught making an escape room. For those who’ve hidden a key in an obscure location, making that location be the riddle’s reply is a superb answer. You possibly can at all times make them more durable by placing it in code!
  • These secret codes are an effective way to boost an escape room.
  • If the birthday is round New Yr’s Eve, these free secret code printables are a straightforward puzzle to incorporate.
  • Create a maze. When accomplished, the road drawn ought to reveal the following key’s location. This work’s greatest with easy photos, comparable to fish bowls, vases, or desserts.
  • When you’ve got youthful youngsters, letter mazes are a fantastic escape room possibility! You should utilize a number of letter mazes to spell out a clue!
  • Phrase scrambles are fast and straightforward to make, however are nonetheless a lot of enjoyable for youths to unravel. Take separate items of paper and put one letter on each bit till you may spell out the identify of the following location. Combine the letters up, and let the children un-scramble them!
  • For those who don’t need paper jigsaw puzzles, right here’s some suggestions for making your own cereal box puzzles.

–>Download Free Escape Room Printables HERE!

A fun printable escape room for kids ages 9-13 perfect for a birthday party - printable puzzles shown plus children playing the escape room game
If you would like a fast thought, try this entire escape room printable with all puzzles!

Pre-Made Printable Escape Room Occasion Resolution

We lately discovered an entire get together answer if you happen to determine the DIY model just isn’t for you. Take a look at the printable escape room particulars on how one can get an entire sport that’s 45-60 minutes of escaping puzzle fixing!

Escape Room Books for Kids - Kids Activities Blog  - collage of escape room puzzles inside the escape room books for kids
One other straightforward DIY escape room might be constituted of the pages of an escape room guide!

Use the Puzzles Inside an Escape Room Ebook for Your Occasion

This sequence of escape room books for youths is crammed with magical puzzles that might simply be modified for a party occasion. Use the colourful punch out puzzle pages as-is or change them to guide someplace inside your own home.

Extra Escape Room Concepts for Birthdays

Extra Methods To Create A Mysteriously Puzzling Birthday Occasion

Do you’ve gotten any party escape room concepts to share? We might love to listen to them within the feedback beneath!

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