The Science of Fire for Kids


Whereas speaking about hearth security with my kids the opposite day, we acquired right into a dialogue concerning the science of fire.  My children wished to know simply how does hearth burn?  Here’s a demonstration of what we discovered. This easy hearth experiment for teenagers can be utilized at house or within the classroom. Clearly, grownup supervision is required!

Let’s Study About Hearth Right now!

Science of Hearth: Studying with Children

Hearth is mystical to kids. Subsequently it’s important that kids study the significance of fireside security and that fireside just isn’t one thing to play with.  That being stated, it was enjoyable to study concerning the science of fireside on this easy experiment for teenagers.

Provides Wanted for Hearth Experiment

Supplies needed for Science Experiment for Kids How does fire burn
That is what you want for our easy Hearth Exercise
  • a number of birthday candles
  • some play dough to carry the candles in place
  • a small spray bottle of water
  • a glass
  • and, after all, matches

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How Does Hearth Burn? Conversations

I requested my children to consider what they knew about hearth.   Amongst many solutions given, some included “It’s sizzling”, “Cease, Drop, and Roll!”, and “It burns up what it touches”.

These solutions stumble on precisely what our experiment would reveal. Beginning with a dialog earlier than you method any science experiment may help children make educated guesses of what they could see after which comply with by means of with what they acquired proper.

We did three mini hearth experiments to see what we may study within the kitchen…

Directions for Hearth Experiments

How Does Fire Burn - three steps for fire experiment for kids = water spray on candle, covering candle with glass and letting a candle burn to the wick
Three Totally different Methods to Discover Hearth

Hearth Experiment #1

We sprayed water on a burning candle.  The cool water turned to steam when it touches the flame thereby taking away the required warmth that the fireplace must persevering with burning.  Findings: If a fireplace is sizzling then battle it by making it cool!

Hearth Experiment #2

Take into consideration what occurs after we “Cease, Drop, and Roll”.  We cease as a result of operating round would solely gasoline the flame with oxygen.  So as an alternative we drop to the bottom and roll round which basically smothers the fireplace by eradicating the oxygen that it must burn.  We examined this by placing a glass over a lit candle.  The glass didn’t even must be fully protecting the candle to cut back the flame and even extinguish it.   Findings: If a fireplace wants oxygen to burn, then eradicating the supply of recent oxygen will rapidly extinguish it.

Hearth Experiment #3

A hearth wants gasoline to burn.  This gasoline may very well be within the type of logs in a campfire, gasoline from a range, or a easy wax candle.  We let one candle burn fully down and as soon as the wax was gone the fireplace quietly went out by itself.  Findings: Don’t feed a fireplace!  Take away the fireplace’s gasoline and it’ll not have the ability to burn.

Our Expertise with this Hearth Experiment

This was such a easy experiment to do with basic items we had round the home.  However to my children, it was fascinating and an experiment they won’t quickly overlook.

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