ERUPTING Ivory Soap in the Microwave


Erupting Cleaning soap is a brilliant enjoyable and straightforward science experiment to your children! Utilizing only a bar of Ivory cleaning soap and your microwave, you and your children can have a fast and straightforward science experiment that can delight everybody. Use this straightforward science exercise for youths at house or within the classroom.

The way to make Erupting Cleaning soap in Microwave

Youngsters of all ages will suppose this science experiment is cool! You will love what occurs to a bar of Ivory cleaning soap whenever you put it within the microwave.

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I first requested my son what he thought may occur if we put a bar of cleaning soap within the microwave. He naturally stated that it might soften. Most soaps will soften, however Ivory cleaning soap is completely different due to the best way it’s fashioned.

Extra on that later…

*Grownup supervision is required for this science experiment.*

Ivory Cleaning soap Experiment – Components Wanted

Bar of Ivory Soap shown intact and on an orange background
No substitutions on the cleaning soap! It must be Ivory…
  • A bar of Ivory cleaning soap (no substitutions allowed)
  • A microwave secure plate
  • A microwave

Yep, that’s it!

Video: microwaving ivory cleaning soap

Directions on Ivory Cleaning soap Science Experiment

Step 1

Step 1 - Ivory soap growing in microwave
Have a look at what is occurring to the Ivory cleaning soap!

Put your bar of Ivory cleaning soap on the microwave-safe plate and microwave it for two minutes.

The motion begins instantly because the cleaning soap rapidly begins to develop.

Step 2

When it stops rising you possibly can cease the microwave, though it gained’t hurt something if it runs for the total 2 minutes.   The cleaning soap simply gained’t develop any larger at that time.

child watching the Ivory soap science experiment in the microwave smiling - Kids Activities Blog
Mother, that is so cool!

My son was completely giddy watching this for the primary time…and each time after that. I have to admit I haven’t gotten uninterested in watching erupting cleaning soap both!

Completed Ivory Cleaning soap Eruption

Ivory Soap out of microwave
That is what our Ivory cleaning soap eruption appeared like!

When the cleaning soap had completed erupting, that is what we received.

Why does this Microwave Cleaning soap Erupt?

There’s a scientific precept referred to as Charles’ Regulation which states that the amount of a fuel instantly will increase with a rise in temperature. So the warmer air will get, the extra space it needs to take up, and the extra strain it is going to produce so as to take up that house.

Ivory cleaning soap is an uncommon sort of cleaning soap, in that it has a number of air pockets in it.

Child with moist Ivory soap all over fingers - Kids Activities Blog
Ivory cleaning soap has extra moisture than different soaps.

There’s additionally a number of moisture in Ivory cleaning soap. When it’s heated, the cleaning soap softens however earlier than it will get near melting, the moisture within the bar will get sizzling and turns to fuel (steam). Add that to the already current air particles all through the bar and also you’ve received a number of steam making an attempt to get out. Because the steam pushes its approach out, it expands the cleaning soap.

Charles & Homosexual-Lussac’s Regulation

Right here’s a easy animation of Charles’ Law to assist clarify how quantity and temperature are instantly associated. Different soaps aren’t as porous as Ivory cleaning soap as a result of they don’t have air pockets all through. Subsequently, the steam isn’t in a position to construct up inside it and as a substitute the cleaning soap simply melts.

Apart from the lack of water, that is nonetheless Ivory cleaning soap. No actual chemical change occurred. The cleaning soap is puffed filled with air so we had enjoyable crumbling it up, after which we whisked in a little bit of water and made “cleaning soap paint”.

Crumbling Ivory Cleaning soap

crumbling ivory soap - two images of making ivory soap flakes after experiment
Taking part in with Ivory cleaning soap after it has cooled.

We painted on styrofoam trays each with paintbrushes, and with our fingers.

painting with Ivory Soap after the science experiment is over and the soap has cooled
We added extra moisture and did some “portray” with the leftover cleaning soap.

As soon as the “Wow Issue” died down just a bit, we determined to get slightly extra scientific so we pulled out a scale.

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Does Ivory Cleaning soap Get Lighter after Being Heated?

We weighed a complete bar of ivory cleaning soap earlier than and after the eruption experiment to see if it received heavier or lighter after heating it up.

weighing Ivory Soap on a scale before and after the science experiment - Kids Activities Blog
Have a look at what the bar of Ivory cleaning soap weighs!

The load of a bar of Ivory cleaning soap:

  • Ivory cleaning soap bar weight earlier than experiment: 78 grams
  • Ivory cleaning soap bar weight after the experiment: 69 grams

The erupted bar weighed much less as a result of moisture evaporation.

Different Observations from Ivory Cleaning soap in Microwave

1. The cleaning soap has expanded six or extra occasions its unique measurement, however truly weighs much less now due to water that has evaporated. Wonderful!

2. When you microwave half a bar of Ivory cleaning soap, the lower aspect of the bar will broaden considerably extra rapidly and with extra pressure than the uncut aspect. On this experiment above, the pressure of the enlargement out of the lower aspect was so robust that it flipped the bar from its aspect to an upright place in order that the eruption from the lower aspect was then dealing with upward.

3. The plate was sizzling throughout after a minute and half.  Nevertheless, the plate was considerably hotter instantly below the expanded cleaning soap. Microwaves concentrate on heating water molecules, so the water within the cleaning soap heated rapidly and made that a part of the plate hotter.

Ivory Cleaning soap Microwave FAQs

Is it secure to microwave Ivory cleaning soap?

“Ivory Mild Bar Cleaning soap provides you a secure, pure clear trusted for generations. Our easy cleaning soap is freed from dyes and heavy perfumes, is dermatologist examined, and continues to be so pure, it floats! …Dermatologist Examined, Freed from dyes & heavy perfumes…99.44% Pure.”
-Ivory Cleaning soap web site(Gentle Bar Soap, Original Scent)

If you ask whether it is secure to microwave Ivory cleaning soap, the reply can be no due to the damaging chemical substances. We can’t discover any harmful chemical substances. So, please perceive that some suppose that is harmful, however haven’t given us the rationale why.

How lengthy do you place a bar of Ivory cleaning soap within the microwave?

2 minutes is the advice for the period of time to let Ivory cleaning soap keep within the microwave.

What to do with Ivory cleaning soap after microwave?

As soon as your Ivory cleaning soap cools, you possibly can play with it.

Lively Time
2 minutes

Complete Time
2 minutes


Estimated Price


  • 1 bar of Ivory cleaning soap (no substitutions allowed)
  • microwave secure plate


  1. Take away the wrapping out of your bar of Ivory cleaning soap.
  2. Set your Ivory cleaning soap bar on a microwave secure plate within the microwave.
  3. Set on excessive for two minutes within the microwave.
  4. Watch what occurs.
  5. Let cool earlier than touching the Ivory cleaning soap.

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Hope you loved making a bar of cleaning soap erupt within the microwave! Inform us your child’s response within the feedback!

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