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We’re studying about Mars right this moment with our Mars details printable pages. Obtain and print the enjoyable details about Mars and have some enjoyable whereas studying these fascinating details about Mars and house. Our printable enjoyable details pdf consists of two pages stuffed with Mars photos and details about Mars that youngsters of all ages will get pleasure from at dwelling or within the classroom.

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Do you know these enjoyable details about Mars?

Free Printable Mars Details For Children

Do you know that Mars, the fourth planet from the solar, is known as after the Roman God of Conflict? In truth, it’s the smallest planet within the photo voltaic system after Mercury. There are such a lot of cool issues about Mars that you just most likely don’t find out about, which is why we’re so excited to share with you these enjoyable Mars details. Click on the inexperienced button to obtain and print the Mars enjoyable details.

They’re additionally an incredible studying useful resource for dwelling, classroom, or digital studying environments any time of the yr. Do you know scientists factor individuals might be able to stay on Mars in the future? What a loopy thought!

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Enjoyable Mars Details To Share With Your Buddies

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That is our first web page in our Mars details printable set!
  1. Mars is the fourth planet from the solar in our photo voltaic system. 
  2. Mars is known as after the Roman God of struggle and is also referred to as the Purple Planet due to its colour, which comes from the big quantities of iron oxide in its rocks and soil. 
  3. Mars is the second smallest planet in our photo voltaic system after Mercury, it’s roughly half the dimensions of Earth. 
  4. At Mars’ equator, temperatures can attain 68°F (20°C), however at its poles, they’ll go as little as -220°F (-140°C).
  5. Mars has 2 moons referred to as Deimos and Phobos, named after the 2 horses that pull the Roman God of struggle’s chariot.  
  6. A day on Mars lasts 24 hours and 37 minutes, whereas a yr is 1.9 Earth years. 
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That is the second printable web page in our Mars details set!
  1. The lean on Mars’ axis is 25 levels, which implies that the planet experiences seasons like we do. 
  2. Mars has a gravity 37% weaker than on Earth, which implies you might bounce 3x greater than on Earth. 
  3. Mars has many channels, plains, and canyons which may have been brought on by water erosion.
  4. Mars has the very best mountain in our photo voltaic system, a volcano referred to as Olympus Mons, which is thrice the peak of Mount Everest.

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Have you learnt these cool details about Mars?


This coloring web page is sized for normal letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.

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