What is an Atom? Science Worksheets for Kids


What’s an atom? The definition of an atom is fairly easy – atoms are the constructing blocks of principally every little thing. If it may be weighed and takes up house, it’s manufactured from atoms. Atoms are so small they will’t be seen with an everyday microscope. So how can we even know they exist? What does an atom appear to be? 

If you’re a classroom instructor, homeschooling father or mother, or only a science fanatic, we’re sharing a lot of studying and instructing sources about atoms. Obtain our free, printable atomic construction worksheet and preserve studying to be taught all about atoms. 

Black and white model of an atom coloring pages lying on top of a blue-green sheet with multicolored letters on a light brown background.
What Does an Atom Look Like? Be taught with our Free Atom Mannequin Worksheets.

What’s an Atom?

Atom Definition: the fundamental unit of a chemical factor.

The atom is taken into account the fundamental constructing block of matter. Something that has a mass—in different phrases, something that occupies house—consists of atoms.

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I don’t learn about you, however once I consider chemistry, I consider slightly man in a lab coat sporting security glasses and cackling about his innovations. 


However chemistry is lots larger than that. Chemistry is throughout you. Chemistry is the examine of what every little thing is manufactured from and the way these issues work together with one another. You already know that atoms make up every little thing could be weighed and take up house. So chemistry is the examine of:

  • atoms, 
  • components of atoms, 
  • how these atoms work together with one another, 
  • And the way these atoms bond (or join) to make molecules. Molecules are a bunch of atoms which have bonded collectively.
black and white images of atom model worksheets
Seize our Atom Mannequin worksheets and use the phrase financial institution
to check your information concerning the Components of an atom.

What are the components of an atom?

Atoms are made up of even smaller bits known as subatomic particles. There are 3 subatomic particles: protons, neutrons, and electrons.

  • Protons have a constructive cost 
  • Neutrons don’t have a cost
  • Electrons have a adverse cost

Protons and neutrons are discovered within the heart of the atom, known as the nucleus. The electrons encompass the nucleus like a cloud, transferring in waves. 

Usually talking, protons with their constructive cost appeal to. Electrons with their adverse cost push away. However very similar to a magnet, reverse prices appeal to one another. And the identical cost will push one another away. It is a core idea for the way completely different atoms work together with one another.

If atoms are the smallest constructing blocks, how can they’ve smaller components inside?

Keep in mind the definition of an atom? It’s the primary unit of a chemical factor. When you break that atom down additional into its smaller subatomic particles, it stops being that factor. 

For instance, you could be aware of the factor oxygen. It’s within the air we breathe. When you separate an atom of oxygen into its subatomic particles, these particles now not act like oxygen, they’re one thing completely different. So a single atom of oxygen is the smallest particle you may have and nonetheless be oxygen. 

What’s an atom? And what does an atom appear to be? We’re sharing a lot of science sources concerning the components of an atom. Seize our atom mannequin worksheets for Free!

What Does An Atom Look Like?

It’s truly lots tougher than it sounds to explain precisely what an atom seems like as a result of they’re so small they will’t be seen along with your eyes or with a standard microscope. Our understanding of what atoms appear to be comes extra from how atoms behave than what can truly be seen. 

Scientists use fashions of atoms to explain and present others what they suppose atoms appear to be and the way they behave. Atom diagrams are an vital a part of instructing and studying about atoms.

Obtain our atom mannequin worksheet to see what you recognize concerning the components of an atom. 

ATOM Vocabulary to Know

  1. Atom – the fundamental unit of a chemical factor.
  2. Aspect – a substance made up of just one type of atom.
  3. Subatomic particles – the smaller particles that make up an atom: neutrons, protons, and electrons.
  4. Proton – a positively charged subatomic particle that’s a part of the nucleus.
  5. Neutron – a subatomic particle with no cost that’s a part of the nucleus.
  6. Electron – a negatively charged subatomic particle that surrounds the nucleus and strikes in a wave round it.
  7. Molecules – atoms which are chemically certain collectively.

Assets we Love about Atoms, Components, and Molecules

We love this video about atoms. It does a great job explaining the construction of an atom, subatomic particles, and molecules.

The video beneath exhibits extra details about the historical past of atoms and their discovery, experiments that had been carried out to find the weather on the periodic desk, and the good microscope ever —> one that may truly see atoms!

This video from the Smithsonian Science Center explains the connection between atoms and cells. (It additionally gently factors out that the way in which we train the science of atoms to children could make it powerful for them to make vital connections!)

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Science Video games We Love about Atoms, Components, and Molecules:

I’ll be trustworthy, I used to be not trying ahead to taking part in a card game about chemical bonds. However this card sport was fairly enjoyable. I’m additionally actually shocked how a lot my children discovered (and I bear in mind!)

Do you like puzzles? We all the time have a puzzle within the works on the desk in our eating room. We’re at the moment working by this Periodic Table of Elements puzzle. Knowledgeable tip: understanding why the Periodic Table of Elements is organized as it’s, is absolutely useful in placing the puzzle collectively!

Science Experiments and Actions about Atoms

Educating Aids For Atoms, Components & Molecules: 

In case your children love hands-on actions, nothing will assist your baby actually grasp the idea of atoms and molecules greater than constructing them with a mannequin set. We now have a Chemistry Molecular Model set by Molymod that has been actually nice for my children!

My youngest daughter is my science child and loves Chemistry. These Periodic Table flash cards had been at my dinner desk each evening for weeks.

Homeschool Chemistry Curriculum and Science Enrichment for Youngsters

We’re a homeschooling household, which was not our unique plan. I’m severely as shocked as anybody how we ended up right here. However the one factor I really like most about being a homeschool mother is that I can observe my children down all kinds of rabbit holes when they’re actually considering one thing. And my youngest baby is a science child by and thru.

  1. My favourite chemistry curriculum is Biochemistry Literacy for Kids. It’s a considerate, meaty science curriculum. When deciding to purchase this system, it struck me that if somebody had defined atoms and molecules to me in addition to the younger lady that seems within the video on the homepage, science and chemistry would have felt a lot extra accessible to me — and positively extra enjoyable!
    We’re not by the entire program but. However to this point it has been an enormous hit. Classes are video-based, with guided notes and reply keys supplied, and there may be an non-compulsory digital class as soon as every week. The most effective a part of this system is that from the primary class, the trainer has the children get hands-on constructing molecules with a Molymod equipment and on-line with Pymol, a 3D program that permits you to see and manipulate molecules. (Fairly cool, proper?!?)
  2. In case your children favor a book-based curriculum, I additionally actually like Actual Science Odyssey. There’s a Level 1 Chemistry program that’s good for grades 2-5. The teachings themselves are open and go however you will have to gather goodies for experiments earlier than class time.
  3. In case your children like video-based studying however Biochemistry Literacy for Youngsters is an excessive amount of of a great factor, try the chemistry course by Science Mom. She and her husband (Math Dad!) do a fantastic job of constructing science enjoyable and accessible for teenagers in this system. In addition they present guided notes for the course – in cartoon format!

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