How to Make a Lego Catapult with Bricks You Already Have


This LEGO catapult design makes use of widespread LEGO items that you’ve already or may substitute the same block. Children of all ages can use the straightforward LEGO catapult concept and make working catapults at dwelling or within the classroom. This straightforward STEM undertaking is playful studying at its greatest!

Let’s make a LEGO catapult!

Selfmade Catapult DEsign

Final week my household visited a Genghis Khan Exhibit and noticed an actual life measurement trebuchet that they may put their arms on (and shoot some ping pong balls throughout the museum).  At dwelling, they’ve been all about creating catapults out of every part.

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This LEGO catapult design was created by my 10 12 months previous utilizing simply the bricks we have already got.

The boys personal one of many Lego Citadel units that features a catapult. Most of the items used had been from that set.  He has modified that somewhat to extend projectile distance.  

As with all issues Lego, modify these directions to make use of items that you just might need at dwelling!

The way to Make a Lego Catapult

Step 1  

Assemble the bottom.   The bottom platform and the catapult basis consist of those items:

Lego catapult building step 1
These are the items we used for the catapult base

Step 2  

Add Lego blocks that enable for arm motion.  

The bottom constructed from items pictured above are on the left. The items used for the arm motion base are pictured on the fitting:

Lego catapult building step 2
Pictured on proper are the items used to make the catapult arm transfer

Step 3

The bottom is now full.   

You may see that the 2 small 2 x 1 stud bricks in between the gold caps are on a rod and may be rotated 360 levels at this level.   That is the place the transferring arm will connect:

Lego catapult building step 3
That is the finished LEGO catapult base

Step 4

Construct the catapult’s transferring arm with the items proven right here or related:

Lego catapult building step 4
Now it’s time to create the catapult’s swinging arm

Step 5

End the arm and fasten it to the two x 1 bricks talked about above:

Lego catapult building step 5
That is what the LEGO catapult arm seems like from the facet

Step 6

Connect a rubber band.

Finished Lego catapult
The rubber band wraps across the facet wheeled posts and the underside 4 put up circle

Step 7

Launch projectiles throughout the lounge.

lego catapult final image
That is what it appeared like once we had been completed.

Catapult vs. Trebuchet

The exhibit was calling any such catapult a trebuchet.

We had been questioning what the distinction between the 2 weapons had been and after somewhat web search which included Wikipedia, that is what I perceive to be true:

  • Catapult:   A catapult is a mechanical gadget used to hurl objects.   It’s a basic time period and there are numerous forms of catapults.
  • Trebuchet:   A trebuchet is a kind of catapult.   The early fashions had been referred to as traction trebuchets and used manpower and ropes to launch a projectile.   Later fashions used pulleys and counterweights and improved the accuracy of intention considerably.

The kind of catapult we simply constructed out of Legos could possibly be described as a traction trebuchet when you imagined the rubber band to be males pulling on ropes.

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How did your lego catapult prove?  How far are you able to launch projectiles throughout the room?

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