Momma & Baby Birds in a Nest Paper Plate Craft


This paper plate craft for youths is a mom hen along with her child birds sitting in a nest. It’s the sweetest hen nest craft for preschool and older children of all ages. We love that it makes use of just some easy craft provides together with a primary white paper plate and loads of child creativeness!

Let’s make this cute hen nest paper plate craft!

Chicken Nest Craft for Youngsters

We created this mom and child hen paper plate craft as blue birds, however you would customise it for no matter hen species suits your crafting model.

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Momma and Child Birds in a Nest Paper Plate Craft

We’re exhibiting you steps to create an in depth mom blue hen and her two child hen chicks sitting in a nest product of a paper plate.

  • Chicken Nest Craft Suggestions for Youthful Youngsters: You might wish to simplify the steps somewhat or pre-cut the shapes wanted.
  • Chicken Nest Craft Suggestions for Older Youngsters: Hand older children the provides and let their imaginations go wild. You by no means know what they may give you!

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Provides Wanted for this Paper Plate Craft

Instructions to Make a Birds Nest from a Paper Plate

Steps 1-3 Directions for Paper Plate Bird Nest Craft for Kids in a collage including supplies needed for the craft.  Kids Activities Blog
Observe the step-by-step directions to make this cute paper plate hen nest craft!

Step 1 – Create the Nest

Minimize the paper plate in half.

Use the outlet punch to make random holes everywhere in the plate.

Weave the twine by means of the holes. This provides the looks of twigs and grass in a hen’s nest!

Step 2 – Create the Birds

Minimize the next items from the craft foam

  • 1 giant blue circle, 3 medium blue circles and a pair of small blue circles – these will create the hen our bodies and hen heads of the mom hen and two child birds
  • 3 orange triangles – these shall be used for the hen beaks (you’ll be able to minimize the 2 child hen beaks in 1/2)
  • 1 medium white circle -this would be the element on the stomach of the mom hen

Create the Mom Chicken

Glue the white circle onto the massive blue circle. That is the momma bluebird’s physique. Glue a medium circle onto these for the top.

Add eyes and beak.

Create the Child Birds

Assemble the two child bluebirds by gluing a small blue circle (head) onto the medium circles (physique) then add the eyes and beak.

Prepare the heads so they appear upward and the orange triangle will be minimize in half to provide the impression that the little child hen’s mouths are open prepared for mother.

Baby Bluebirds Paper Plate Craft finished with feathers on each of the birds and a really cute twine paper plate nest

Step 3 – Add Chicken Particulars

End with some craft feather wings and glue to the paper plate nest!

Completed Paper Plate Nest Craft

Add to the training when making this craft by studying some books that debate how birds build nests, how child birds hatch, how momma birds feed the infants and the way they be taught to fly!

Prep Time
5 minutes

Lively Time
5 minutes

Whole Time
10 minutes


Estimated Value


  • Paper plate
  • Twine or yarn
  • Craft foam – we used blue, white and orange
  • Craft feathers
  • Googly eyes


  1. Create the hen nest by slicing the paper plate in half and punching random holes across the fringe of the plate. Weave the twine by means of the holes to provide the looks of twigs within the nest.
  2. Minimize the froth items that may create the birds out of blue foam – 1 giant circle, 3 medium circles and a pair of small circles.
  3. Minimize the froth items that may create the birds out of orange foam – 3 small triangles (then minimize 2 of the triangles in 1/2 which would be the child hen’s mouths).
  4. Minimize one medium sized circle out of white craft foam.
  5. Assemble the mom hen by gluing the white circle onto the massive blue circle for her physique, add a medium blue circle as her head, the massive orange triangle, googly eyes and a few feathers.
  6. Assemble the newborn birds by gluing the small blue circles to the medium blue circles and including googly eyes and the beaks in an open place. Add feathers.
  7. Glue the three birds into the nest.

Paper Plate Birds with Movable Wings - by Amanda Formaro

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Did your children get pleasure from this enjoyable mom hen and child hen in a nest paper plate craft?

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